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Careers Advice for Teenagers
Professional Careers Advice service for your academy, school or college:
A flexible and affordableapproach to careers guidance to ensure your students receive independent and impartial Careers Advice from a qualified expert .Services can be designed around the needs of your institution and can be available on a daily or hourly rate. We fit around your Needs!What we Offer: 1:1 Impartial Careers Interviews Group: Career enquiry workshops Choices at 14, 16 & 18 - Which Way Now! Focus on Apprenticeships Myers Briggs personality quiz Life decision Coaching Careers Events


Your childs future
When Planning for Your childs future It is important to plan ahead, the decisions they make now will shape what their future will look like. Set high academic goals when at school. Get good careers advice from a professional careers advisor.  Achieve your academic goals.  Make good A level choices based on what job or career you want to progress towards.  Find a university course that offers you the best opportunities for moving into your chosen career.  Find an apprenticeship that offers you great opportunities and great prospects.  Find a job or career that really fits with who you are and enables you to get to where you want. At Passion Flower Coaching we can help Young People find out which courses, jobs and careers are a best fit based on individual interests, learning styles and expectations. We will work with young people to explore their career ideas and will put together a plan of action for them to follow.  Your Success is our Success.

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