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Job Search Coaching in Manchester from a professional Career Coaches  Make 2023 the year you receive effective Careers Advice from Professional Careers Advisors at Passion Flower Coaching Manchester: Fulfil your Career Goals TODAY

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Professional Careers Advice & Coaching from Angela, BSc (Hons), Diploma & QCG in Careers Guidance, Cert Counselling, Cert Life Coaching

Professional Careers Advice and Coaching will help you Improve your employability skills and will help you to find new employment, work experience, work placements or an internship.

Find a job that fits with who you are:

Complete successful job applications

Write an impressive covering letter

Promote yourself through your CV

Be prepared for your interview and don't forget to sell yourself

Add to your employability skills, do something extra, volunteer, gain additional work related skills

The Benefits  of Coaching

Enjoy better health, a longer life, more vitality

Have an enhanced personal and professional relationships and are more fun to be around

Be more successful and more productive

Have heightened self esteem

Become a better role model for children

Lead a life that counts

Look forward to life

Have a deeper, richer, more authentic sense of self

Job Search Coaching

Career Direction

Career Analysis


Covering Letters

CV Writing

Interview Technique

Confidence Building

Motivation and Goal Setting

Networking via Linked In

Social Media

Careers Advice

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Passion Flower Coaching GUARANTEES you will achieve all of this and more or you get your money back.

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