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"I contacted Angela as I was in a career I was not passionate about and needed to change. Her appointment structure helped me understand my professional values and goals, which we then used to research positions suitable to me. After securing a job interview, Angela prepared me for the competency-based interview questions and provided me with some great resources to prepare my interview presentation. Thanks to her, I am now
​ in a career based on my academic background and one that I am passionate about."

"Career Coaching really helped me to identify what’s important for me to achieve not just in my career but in my life outside of work too. Angela really encouraged me to listen to my instincts about what motivates me and it made me realise that I had a lot of the answers I was looking for. I am now enrolled in an acting class which I love and I’m much more confident about pursuing jobs..not least because Angela gave my CV a long overdue makeover. I would definitely recommend her to a friend.

 "Working with Angela gave me a structured approach to assess my current situation and then enabled me to analyse my skills, knowledge and experience. 
This allowed me to work in a solution focused way on where I wanted to go and how to get there.  I have moved a step further towards one of my goals and have been successful in gaining a place on a Train-the-Trainer course.  This training was achieved through a competitive application and selection process with Angela’s help and support.  I would deffinatley recommend Angela.


"Being coached by Angela at Passion Flower Coaching enabled me to get my dream job in advertising.  Angela helped me to focus and apply for jobs in advertising that I really wanted and was passionate about.  Angela helped me to discover what I valued in a job and in a company, she then helped me to market my qualities and skills.  I began to get more interviews and ended up with multiple job offers.  It felt great to have more than one job opportunity, in the end I chose the job and company that matched my values and offered me a good work life balance as well as a good salary.

Angela is a very positive and skilled careers coach.  My performance levels have increased since being coached by Angela at Passion Flower Coaching and I am amazed with what I have achieved so far.  Since being  coached by Angela I have published my own book, I have also submitted two of my inventions to corporate companies. Angela has kept me focused and motivated and has helped me deal with the highs and lows that come with seeing ideas through to the end.

"Angela at Passion Flower Coaching gave me the confidence through careers coaching to get back into the workplace after having two children. I no longer feel guilty about leaving them three days a week at nursery, I now enjoy going out to work and meeting people and contributing to our household."